Welcome to Coalition Summit 2009
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p1.jpg The US IPv6 Summit, the largest IPv6 conference in America, is the place to be to get the latest status of US Government and Industry progress in this quickly accelerating market. Government executives will give status updates, details on standards (what “IPv6 Capable” really means) and how IPv6 products and services (both for network infrastructure and as essential components of other projects) are being evaluated and procured. Industry leaders will demonstrate the latest in technology – and demonstrate what high-priority (and profitable) IPv6 applications are being rolled out.

1. Hear the visions of senior US government and Industry leaders.
2. See what major new v6-related procurement programs are being announced.
3. Identify how US acquisition executives, the FAR and RFPs will list IPv6 requirements.
4. Meet VIPs from major US companies to form strategic alliances with.
5. Evaluate government, commercial and consumer IPv6 products and services.
Coalition Summit for IPv6 PDF Print E-mail

Mark your calendar for the Coalition Summit for IPv6, produced in cooperation with NATO and other government organizations! Leading military, government and Industry IT executives from Europe and Asia will share their visions and answer your questions. Learn what projects leading governments are sponsoring, what actual applications (for military and homeland defense, as well as for entertainment and commerce) are up and running, and what business opportunities exist for companies with global capabilities and ambitions.

1. Get updates on IPv6 status and projects in Europe and Asia.
2. See how IPv6 enables Net Centric Forces and other Transformational initiatives.
3. Identify what teaming and business opportunities exist in the EU and Asia.
4. Meet VIPs from major international companies and R&D centers.
5. Evaluate government-oriented IT products from International vendors.