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Booth Equipment
Provided by U-Neek Expo. Special requests such as furniture orders and/or display needs must be made directly with their office no later than March 19, 2007. An onsite representative will be available to manage these requests. Please refer to the U-Neek Expo Service Kit for a rate sheet on the list of the equipment available.
Contact: U-Neek Expo Customer Service (800) 551-6002 service@uneekexpo.com
Provided by Swank Audiovisual. Should you have specific rental requirements for your booth such as PC’s, monitors, TV’s, etc., it is suggested that you contact them prior to the event to ensure that all needs are met. Rental fees and payment obligations will need to be worked out with Swank directly.
Contact: Hyatt Regency Swank Audiovisual (703) 925-8421